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The Law Offices of Jane Aceituno handles all manner of divorces, simple to complex, with attention to detail.  Jane leaves no stone unturned, exploring the assets and income of the parties, going to court where necessary to achieve the goals of the clients and negotiating with the other side to achieve positive results for the clients.  Ms. Aceituno guides clients through the difficult waters of the dissolution process and endeavors to help clients achieve a resolution that benefits them and their children.  Jane is a responsive representative for her clients, explaining the oftentimes confusing aspects of the law to her clients, helping them appreciate the nature of their marital estate and discussing their options for action. Jane puts her clients and their children first and works to secure an efficient, cost effective and equitable resolution to their cases.

Divorce Practice Page - Door OpeningThe Law Offices of Jane Aceituno provides service in a range of areas standing under the umbrella of divorce law, including but not limited to:

  • Asset division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

At the beginning of the case, Ms. Aceituno secures appropriate temporary orders for attorney’s fees and spousal and child support – whatever the client immediately needs.  Throughout the divorce, she works to achieve a fair and equitable division of the community property estate and permanent child and spousal support that will sustain the client long after the divorce is over.  Finally, Ms. Aceituno will help the client achieve some comfort and peace of mind by resolving the custody of their children.

The Family Code can be overwhelming even for seasoned attorneys.  It is key for clients to have a family law attorney help them navigate the document preparation, discovery, negotiations and court appearances involved in many divorces.