Child Custody and Visitation

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Deciding who will have custody or visitation of a child is often the most challenging and emotionally wrenching part of family law litigation. Courts decide these matters based on what is in the best interest of the children. The starting point in California is that parents should have equal custody of their children. Custody can be legal and/or physical. Physical custody regards who is physically caring for the child and providing that child with room and board. Legal custody regards who can make important decisions for the child, such as what medical care or education the child gets.

Child Custody - Visitation Page - Parent Holding Child's Hand

The Law Offices of Jane Aceituno works to support the best interest of children vigorously and with sensitivity. California mandates mediation to try to resolve disputes over custody but litigation is often needed to finally settle the issues. The Law Offices of Jane Aceituno is on hand to guide parents through mediation and litigation. The firm will craft an order or agreement that takes care of the child’s needs to the fullest extent. The firm’s attorneys believe that children are a client’s supreme concern. They take special care to tend to the needs of those children.